The Harmony Alliance offers reliable integrated security systems across a variety of sectors, including Education. Architects in this sector must consider numerous factors, including data protection, vandalism and child welfare – A Harmony system can support all these important tasks.


Each component of a Harmony Alliance system can allow students the freedom to move about the campus, whilst detecting and monitoring unauthorised individuals. The EXgarde access control software, provided by TDSi offers comprehensive SIMS integration along with its versatile MIFARE smart card technology. In addition to their range of power supplies, Elmdene’s Merlin Graffiti Detector is the perfect solution to facilitate a rapid response to anti-social behaviour. Outside of school hours, Texecom’s Premier Elite Intruder alarm system can offer reliable protection to the premises and contents within. The GJD external wireless twin PIR movement detectors offer the perfect solution as a pre-alarm to the whole system. The detectors will detect people approaching the building and send this signal straight to the Texecom panel. This enables notification that someone is on the property before any attempt at forcing entry to the property. The seamless integration provided by these systems is suitable for users of all levels of ability, allowing flexibility and ease of- use, from the student regularly utilising their multi-purpose smart card to the Security Manager charged with protecting each and every child across the site.

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