The Harmony Alliance is able to provide high quality integrated security systems across a variety of sectors, including transportation. With such high levels of protection demanded throughout the sector, our systems provide benefits for both passengers and operators.


A Harmony Alliance system can offer maximum protection for secure areas whilst facilitating easy passenger movement around the terminal building. Using TDSi’s access control readers and controllers, operators can monitor and detect specific events across the premises, working smoothly with Texecom’s Premier range of intruder alarm products, including the Premier Elite AMDT detector and Com IP Communicator. These powerful systems complement GJD’s range of external movement detectors, which in turn can integrate with the Texecom Ricochet products to bring a further level of security. At the heart of the site is a diverse range of power supplies from Elmdene, designed to suit each component and ensure reliability and stability. The availability of accurate and up-to-date information is paramount in such a high-traffic environment, therefore the seamless integration of these specialist systems offers a level of expertise that provides the end user with the confidence and peace of mind that passengers, facilities and equipment are protected, whilst ensuring day-to-day activities can be carried out without disruption.

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